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What we do
for you!

Your environment affects your productivity and positivity, your mood and mindset, your physical health and heartrate, and much, much more. In fact, where you live and conduct your life is the #1 indicator of your health and happiness.

Applying scientifically validated conclusions from decades of research and the WELL Building Principles, we craft purposeful environments to enhance your mental and physical health and well-being.

Aspects of our designs include sustainability, biophilia/ integration of nature and plants, natural light, clean water, purified air, limiting the spread of bacteria and viruses, mold-resistant materials, materials with low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) and without known carcinogens, rejuvenating views, thermal comfort, sound and noise control, indoor air quality, solar energy, rainwater collection, resiliency and adaptability, spaces for meaningful social interaction, and encouraging healthy habits.

In short, we’re dedicated to designing spaces that are good for you.


Get the best experience with
empathetic architects.

We’re very different than other architects. Our clients often tell us what truly separates us is our personal service and genuine care. We’re grateful for numerous, repeat clients, who have become great friends. …We’re here to help!


“I have had the pleasure of working with Bryan Pravda for the past year on my boutique aquatic fitness in Miami. The project is a new concept for South Florida, and Bryan was a guiding light through the entire, sometimes quite complicated, process. He truly cares about his clients and goes above and beyond what is expected of an architect. He will share your vision and, with minute attention to detail, he will help you shape it. He is highly professional, organized, and a problem solver. I highly recommend Pravda Architecture/ Design for all your architectural needs.”

Chiara De Luca

“I have been in Commercial Real Estate Development, Leasing, and requesting Tenant design work for over 30 years and have engaged many architects. Bryan Pravda is one of the best I have been fortunate to work with. These are some of the qualities Bryan Pravda brought to the project. Bryan displayed excellent, detailed communication skills, patience, and care when working on our project. He offered creative design solutions and worked within our budget. He also supplied superior space planning, and he chose finishes that achieved our goal of comfort and serenity (again, within budget). Furthermore, I was impressed with his dependability and team-oriented nature. It is rare to find an architect with the combination of genuine personability and care for his clients, along with architectural expertise and mastery of design. I found all of this in Bryan Pravda, and I highly recommend working with him. He’ll provide a great experience during the design and construction process, and Bryan will give you a fabulous finished space, beyond what you imagined!”

William Foster

“Bryan has the pedigree of a top tier architect. But what is most impressive about someone with such a background is the way he cares and invests himself personally in a project. I have worked with a number of architects and I have never worked with one who puts himself into the project with such a team orientation and passion. Bryan has been an ally and a creative inspiration. His knowledge of how to navigate the system and the city to get a project form a vision to the opening day is also invaluable. That frustrating process can be discouraging but Bryan is seasoned and well versed and calm under pressure. Further, his organization and communication is as clear and honest as I’ve found. He is timely in delivering but also timely in addressing miscommunications and the inevitable challenges any large team encounters. He is passionate, caring, skilled and a clear communicator.”

Jason Gordon

“I had the pleasure of working with Bryan on getting a city permit for outdoor seating for my restaurant in Hallandale Beach. Bryan was extremely attentive, quick to respond, and understood my vision and needs with minimal effort on my behalf. I will not only continue using Bryan’s services for my future restaurant projects, but also recommend him warmly to all of my friends and colleagues.”

Guy Braverman

“Bryan’s ability to mix the latest technologies, such as BIM, with a passion for design is notable. When, as a young architect, he joined the architectural firm we were working for at the time, his resourcefulness made him a go to person when we wanted expert opinions on both technical and design issues on our projects. He has a keen eye for design that became apparent right away to top management. It’s no surprise to me that he now is responsible for his own projects and business.”

Cindy W. Baldwin

“Bryan is very professional. I’ve worked with him on a number of projects, and he has always been on time and on budget. We share a philosophy on the bigger purpose of architecture- to benefit individuals and society as a whole.”

Peter Licavoli