Pravda Architecture


The Most Enjoyable 12-Step Program You’ll Ever Experience

1. Contact Us
Call 305-707-7663, E-mail, submit your information on our Contact page, or fill out a Prospective Client Profile.
In this first communication, please be prepared to describe yourself, your project, and your project goals.
2. We Meet
We meet with you for a Professional Consultation in which we learn about your wants and needs, and hopes and dreams; and we see if we’re the right Architect for you.  We may meet at your home, our office, or a local coffee shop.  We do charge a nominal fee of $500 for this initial meeting, which allows us to focus meaningful time with serious clients.
3.We Develop An Agreement
Based on our meeting, PRAVDA develops a Letter of Agreement, which outlines our Scope of Services and the fees associated with the work.
4.We Meet Again
In this second meeting, lunch, dinner, or a drink is on us; or, if you prefer, we can meet at a location of your choice.  We get to know each other better, and we bring the Letter of Agreement for your approval.
5. We Sign the Agreement
Having reviewed and discussed the Agreement, we both sign, you supply an initial retainer and mobilization as outlined in the Agreement, and PRAVDA officially commences work.
6. Pre-Design and Feasibility
We start our architectural process with Pre-Design Services.  Pre-Design services truly begin when we first speak and meet, and they continue once the Agreement is signed.  This phase includes the establishment and development of programmatic requirements, site visits, site research, verification of existing conditions, research of authorities having jurisdiction and applicable building and zoning codes, and, if needed, initial meetings with authorities having jurisdiction.  During this phase, if you have not already done so, a property survey and a geotechnical report should be created.  PRAVDA is happy to handle this for you.  Typically simultaneous with Pre-Design, the Feasibility phase is when the overall project Scope is explored and established, so to prevent potential Additional Services, changes in Scope, future Value Engineering, and other changes.  We evaluate whether your desires can be achieved within the applicable Code and Zoning requirements, as well as within your desired budget and time-frame.  PRAVDA may develop a rough Constriction Cost estimate, based on square-footage, experience, and your expressed desires, in an effort to ensure that the project goals will be met.  This phase sets forth a defined road map and Scope for project completion and success.
7. Schematic Design
Schematic Design is the first phase in which the design is organized and established.  This phase involves the development of graphic and/ or written conceptual design solutions.  By the completion of this phase, we will choose to move forward with an overall design solution and one clear vision.  Our Agreement will have noted the number of alternative design solutions and meetings in this phase, so we all have clear expectations.
8. Design Development
Design Development is the phase in which the project’s design is refined and finalized.  This phase includes PRAVDA’s designing of details, as well as the final selection of materials, finishes, equipment, appliances, and fixtures.  Our Agreement will have noted the number of meetings and design changes in this phase, so we all have clear expectations.  When this phase is completed, the architectural design phases are also completed.
9. Construction Documents
With design completed, the Construction Document phase is when PRAVDA prepares written and graphic instructions used for construction, permitting, and bidding the project.  Essentially, Construction Documents is the industry’s contemporary term for blueprints.
10. Bidding and Permitting
The Bidding and Permitting phase takes the completed Construction Documents and sends them to two different parties: 1) potential General Contractors to form bids (Bidding) and 2) Authorities Having Jurisdiction, typically, your City and County, to receive permits for construction (Permitting).  Bidding and Permitting includes PRAVDA’s administration of this process.  PRAVDA, you, or a selected General Contractor may hire an Expediter to assist in the permitting process.  Bidding and Permitting may involve PRAVDA’s issuance of addenda, evaluation of proposed substitutions, review of bidder qualifications, replying to the Requests for Information from the General Contractor, and assistance in your evaluation of bids.  The phase may also involve PRAVDA’s issuing of revisions, based on comments received from Authorities Having Jurisdiction, so to receive the authorities’ approval.  At the completion of this phase, you will have selected a General Contractor to build your project, and construction may begin.
11. Construction Administration
Construction Administration is PRAVDA’s role during the physical construction of your project.  During this phase, PRAVDA may facilitate project communications, maintain records, prepare change orders, respond to Requests for Information, process Shop Drawings and submittals, and visit the project site to observe that the construction conforms with the Construction Documents.
12. We Party
Whether it’s an actual party or simply a toast, when construction is completed, we are there to celebrate what we’ve accomplished together and to wish you the best in the years ahead, enjoying your new space.  We have finished designing your dreams, and, now, it is time for you to live them.