Pravda Architecture

Award-Winning Architect/ Interior Designer/
25 yrs experience/ WELL AP/ Dog Dad



Mr. Bryan D. Pravda, Founder and Principal Architect of PRAVDA ARCHITECTURE/ DESIGN, PLLC, brings a brand of business that combines southern hospitality with cutting edge design. He genuinely cares about his clients and projects, and he is dedicated to employing the latest technology, including Virtual Reality and Building Information Modeling, in order to deliver the most thorough, efficient, and quality process. As a working Principal, Bryan is personally involved with every phase of each project. Pravda ventured into architecture in 1996, when he contributed to an AIA award winning design, and he has more than two decades of experience on over 100 projects of varying types and scales, with combined budgets of more than $5 Billion. His work capitalizes on his diverse experience, having worked in New York, Texas, and Florida for some of the most internationally acclaimed practices in the world. Moreover, he draws upon his past array of project types and expert insight as a WELL Accredited Professional to provide his clients with extremely informed and scientifically proven, evidence-based designs to benefit his clients’ mental and physical health and wellness. Pravda understands the value of a balanced approach. He knows that an awe-inspiring design is just a pretty picture if it cannot be built, and he recognizes that the function and feeling of a space is greatly diminished if adequate attention is not given to form the highest quality design. Furthermore, he employs artful craft with sincere empathy to deliver meaningful and appropriate designs that will enhance his clients’ lives. Bryan enjoys collaborating with other trades and welcomes a range of opinions prior to arriving at the best possible solution. He abides by strict, professional business ethics, while maintaining a unique and level perspective of humility, passion, and fun. Mr. Pravda received his Bachelors in Architecture from the University of Texas at Austin, consistently ranked one of the top five architecture schools in the country, earned his Master of Architecture from the University of Miami in Coral Gables, Florida, and achieved professional licensure at the young age of 29. He is an active member of many professional and community organizations, and he can often be found speaking on panels and mentoring young designers. When he is not working or volunteering, Bryan enjoys relaxing on the beach and spending time with his loved ones, including his loyal dog, Deci.