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What if a building could increase your revenue? What if this building could also enhance your happiness, health, and productivity? What if, on top of that, this building could literally build a sense of community, purpose, and belonging? Brought on by a developer, PRAVDA provided conceptual design services for Suntrust Square, a building that would accomplish all of this and more. The existing urban site, with a small Suntrust Bank and a large parking lot, is located adjacent to several Miami hospitals and healthcare facilities, including those of Jackson Health, the Veterans Affairs Hospital, and UM Health. Building on the purpose of the area, Suntrust Square creates a Healthy Corridor for the City. The new 8-story mixed use complex contains retail space on the first level, including a new Suntrust Bank and drive-through, and residential units on the levels above. The wrap construction contains a convenient parking garage on the first four levels, and atop the parking is a new urban park for the retail employees and local residents. The urban park contains an exercise trail through native landscaping, picnic areas, an outdoor movie area, children’s playground, children’s sprayground waterpark, a dog park, and an abundance of green space. The park brings nature to the City. It also creates a space where the local businesses mingle with the residents, building business and community. Imagine that you are a manager at the bank. You take your lunch break by visiting the sandwich and juice shop next door, and bringing your lunch up to the park, where you eat and take a relaxing stroll. While there, you speak with a mother, watching her kids play. Later in the week, your families see each other, watching a movie in the park. Soon enough, through convenient, stress-free conversations, you’ve gained a new customer and friend. This is the vision for Suntrust Square, inspired by the values and designs espoused by the bank; and bringing new life, vibrance, and purpose to the heart of Miami.



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