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5 Ways to Create Timeless Architecture

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Have you ever looked at a building and had a good idea of when it was built?  -The heavy Brutalist architecture that dominated into the 1970’s?  -How about the pop-culture architecture of the 1980’s and 90’s?  When you see architecture that reflects the fashion of a time period, the architecture seems old and outdated; and, generally speaking, (with the exception of idyllic period pieces) this isn’t a good thing…  Let me ask this- Have you ever looked at a building and had no idea of when it was built?  -Had no idea, but known that you loved it?

What is so attractive about the Pyramids at Giza?  Why do we want to take a picture, holding up the Leaning Tower of Pisa?  What makes timeless architecture?  At PRAVDA ARCHITECTURE/ DESIGN, we’ve carefully studied architectural history and examined human psychology to develop 5 Ways to Create Timeless Architecture.
5. Avoid Trends
How do you know if something is a trend?  Ask yourself, “Would this have been cool five years ago, ten years ago, twenty years ago?”  Trends come and go.  If you want your project to be just as cool fifty years from now as it is today, avoid stylistic trends.
4. Use honest, natural materials
Yes, taste in tile sizes and wood tones change over time, but natural materials tend to retain their durability and appeal.  Using natural materials in their honest state (i.e. real stone and wood) evoke a sense of timelessness because these materials remain unchanged for generations.
3. Integrate nature
The benefits of integrating nature in your design are numerous!  Whether its manicured hedges of European kings, stoic bonsais of Japanese gardens, or the flowing water in Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater masterpiece, integrating nature has the amazing ability to sooth, inspire, and foster enduring designs.
2. Create flexible and functional spaces
Often, remodels consist of adapting to modern needs and amenities.  One of the best ways to create timeless architecture is to create designs that work now and will work in the future.  While technology advances, the basic needs of man remain unchanged.  To create timeless architecture, design spaces based on human psychology and function.  Design to genuinely satisfy basic needs, while also providing flexibility to meet future desires.
1. Craft great design
What is great design?  In addition to containing characteristics aforementioned, great design generally includes something that is spectacular, something that is unique.  Why are we drawn to watch the sunset?  Yes, its beautiful, but why?  I contend that, in part, we love watching the sunset because no sunset is ever exactly the same as the one before or the one after.  What makes one unique, makes it special; so craft a design that is unique, one that creates splendor and brings sublime delight.
…and that is how you create timeless architecture!

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