Pravda Architecture

Professional Consultation

The Professional Consultation consists of an introductory meeting with the Architect, in which the following topics are explored, as they pertain to your particular project.

1) Who you are
2) Who we are
3) Review of your Prospective Client Profile
4) Establishment of a project mission statement, in which, together, we articulate what will make this project a success
5) Identification of services sought
6) Identification of project scope
7) Development of project program
8) Approximate project schedule
9) Options in the project delivery process
10) The design, architecture, and construction process
11) Working with consultants
12) What will be required from you
13) Estimated budget and total project cost
14) Zoning and building codes that may affect your project
15) Possible design concepts
16) The next step – typically, Developing an Agreement and beginning Pre-design services


The Consultation usually takes around 1-2 hours, and it may be held at the project location, our office, or a place of your preference within a reasonable travel distance.  For this opportunity of expert insight to your project, we require a nominal, flat fee of $500.  We have found that requiring this payment allows us to provide you with the best service, spending meaningful time with serious clients.