An unexpected garden oasis beckons guests to enter an environment of health and balance at Soul Tavern, Miami’s premier vegetarian gastropub.  Located in the exclusive enclave of Sunset Harbour in Miami Beach, Soul Tavern’s design continues the restaurant’s purpose.  Experience tasty delight and natural pleasure while smelling fresh flowers blooming around you.  Feel the subtle dapple of tranquil sunlight as it dances through the trees.  Once an ignored office building, encamped by an asphalt jungle, PRAVDA ARCHITECTURE/ DESIGN revived the remnants to create a space of peace.  The restaurant’s menu is built around the five elements of Chinese medicine, wood, fire, earth, metal, and water; and the architecture incorporates these elements to craft an atmosphere of harmony.  The design not only physically manifests these elements, but integrates their deeper meaning into the design, forming a setting of wellness that touches every sense and aspect of your life- from the apparent and tangible to the sacrosanct and soul.