Inspired by the unique Coral Gables/ Coconut Grove location, our design for the Hampton Inn includes materials and colors evocative of the nearby beach, bay, and coral reef.  When you first view the building from afar, it is as though you are gazing on the ocean’s horizon.  The interplay of the hotel’s soft sky blue and white undulating facade creates a symphonic meeting of the 6-story building and the clouds.  As one nears, you sense something special at the building’s base.  A delicate dance of a deep dark blue, aptly named Ocean Floor, rhythmically reciprocates your attention with the local, natural shell stone.  Beneath the Porte Cohere, you enter a world of new experiences.  New elegant lighting, lush and local landscaping, and a unique water feature beckon you to the hotel’s entrance, and a swinging sofa invites you to relax and enjoy your stay.  Confederate jasmine climbs nautical steel cable railings and welcomes you with the scent of paradise.  The complete exterior property improvement project takes what was already a great hotel and creates an updated ambiance to provide guests with an equally great, unique, and memorable experience.  The design is playful and youthful, while also stylish and sophisticated.  It is modern and luxurious, while also timeless and modest.  It is a design particularly befitting the hotel’s setting and targeted guest.