The Duck Hall Residence and Recording Studio project consisted of revamping an existing garage and adding a new professional recording studio and living space.  The attached structure provided a place for the successful song writer, producer, and music industry executive to perform his work, as well as have visiting artists stay while recording albums.  Located in rural Connecticut, the building’s exterior blends with its context, while the interior evokes a comfortable, contemporary, and rustic feel.  The design aesthetic is welcoming and warm, allowing visitors to feel as though they are in a lodge and forget that the structure is a part of a residential garage.  By utilizing the building separate from the main house, the project physically separates work and family life, giving the owner a procession of escape and thought between the two worlds.  This separation also lends privacy to guests and aids in acoustical isolation, so the artists can play late into the night without creating a disturbance.  The warm wood interior conceals professional-grade acoustic insulation, while projecting a humble, grounded sentiment among the owner’s gold records.  Since completion, the soothing environment has served as a recording studio and temporary residence for many popular musicians and singers.  For this project, while employed with Michael Davis Architects and Interiors, I performed research on recording studios, and I created the Construction Documents.