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10 Things My Dog Taught Me About Architecture

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If you look closely, there are lessons everywhere. For example, when I’m outside with my dog for a while, she wants to come back in. When we’re inside, she wants to go out! “The grass is always greener on the other side,” isn’t unique to humans. It’s a curious trait we share with man’s best friend; and it got me thinking- What else do we have in common with our K9 compadres? At its core, architecture is creating shelter and habitable space. It’s a primitive need, and one of the world’s oldest professions. Maybe… to create great architecture, we don’t need to use words like ephemeral, parti, and symmetry. Maybe… we just need to let out a good bark and a howl! What do I mean? Take a look at the 10 Things My Dog Taught Me About Architecture.
10. Don’t poop where you sleep.
Develop a program of spaces, listing the function of the spaces. Starting with an organized program leads to a healthy and efficient environment.
9. Bask in the sun.
Providing natural light improves productivity, mental health, & causes your body to produce needed Vitamin D.
8. Want to go outside?
Integrating outdoor living and getting fresh air is good for you!
7. What do you see?
Capitalize on view. That which you gaze upon, you become; so let’s make sure that what you gaze upon is beautiful.
6. Dinner Time!
Design for your routine. Like Pavlov’s dog, we are creatures of habit; and to improve your daily experience, design with your patterns in mind.
5. Give me that ball!
Create spaces to socialize, exercise, & play. While we often think of basic, necessary, functional spaces, we should remember to design spaces that aid in creating a balanced life.
4. Who’s there?
Design to avoid distractions and surprises. Someone can’t be hiding around that corner if that corner doesn’t exist!
3. Mark your territory.
Design to make your space unique to you. It will give you a sense of ownership and pride, and you will take better care of it.
2. Nap time!
Design for comfort. You have enough stress already. Craft spaces that will provide relief.
1. Unconditional love makes every space better!
The spaces we create are not about the spaces themselves. Great architecture focuses on the people (and puppies) that use them!
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