The Network Operations Center for Farmers Insurance presented an opportunity to do a lot in a little space.  The Center serves as a location where Farmers’ employees continually monitor the company’s servers, which store information on clients’ insurance cases.  The servers’ data are vital to the business, and thus, the Farmers’ workers require a constant digital and visual connection to the servers.  As such, we proposed 20 large flat screen monitors above a canted glass wall that looks onto the server room.  Due to the program requirements, it was apparent that this would be a high-tech environment, and we decided to emphasize this characteristic with our scheme.  Adding to this effect, the multi-layered, custom-built desks house lights behind red Lumicor resin panels.  These lights emit a warm radiance that heightens the visual experience and offsets the soft blue glow from the computer screens.  Also, the employee stations are finished with a sleek black plastic laminate on top, which absorbs the light from the computers; while horizontally textured white plastic laminate on the lower portions of the desks reflect the offsetting, warm light and evoke a simple contemporary emotion that opens up the small space.  For this project, I assisted in the design and construction documents, aided in preparing the digital modeling, and I created the presentation boards.