The congregation of the Auorora Baptist Church has more than doubled in recent years.  At present, some worshippers are forced to sit in the lobby and watch the service through the chapel’s open doors.  Knowing that I was a Registered Architect, a relative of the Pastor asked if I could assist in creating some conceptual images that the church could use for fundraising.  The direction was straightforward.  The Pastor wanted to double the size of the main sanctuary’s seating by mirroring the existing fan-shaped plan about the last aisle.  He also desired to add classrooms and other activity areas.  I met with the users and led a team of designers to craft a conceptual plan and exterior perspectives.  I oversaw the plan layout; but my main concentration was on the renderings, as I know these are what will draw people’s attention and wallets.  Using SketchUp and Photoshop, we created images to engender an eager impetus to the future of the church.  By shading the foreground, while highlighting the church and spire, I hoped to accentuate the design’s thrust towards heaven and arouse one’s spirit to give towards the achievable dream of a new building for the community.  I was assured that my objective was achieved when the Pastor penned the following to me: “We presented the renderings this past Sunday night and it created an electric atmosphere of anticipation.”