PAD is a Full-service Architect, providing all that you need from schematic design through construction administration. We may also provide Design Architect or Architect of Record services, in which we provide only the design concept or the Construction Documents, respectively.

Interior Design, Decorating, & Staging

Interior Design may include Finish Selection, as well as Lighting & Plumbing Fixture Selection and Furniture Selection, while Decorating & Staging may include Decorative Element Placement. Designing what you touch, see, and feel has a dramatic impact on your experience of a space.

Design-Build Services

Teaming with trusted General Contractors, we are a one-stop shop to have your dream designed and built. The Design-Build service streamlines the process by creating one, up-front contract, in which the Architect and General Contractor work together throughout the design and construction process. This service eliminates the bidding process and allows for immediate cost estimates during the design process.

Ethnographic Services

The best designs are informed through thoughtful observation & study. Ethnographic Services available include A Day with the Architect & Record-A-Day, utilizing our GoPro camera. Rather than only asking about how you perceive your day and what could be done to make it better, Ethnographic Services allow us to objectively observe; and based on this, we create architecture that truly enhances your life.

Evidence Based Design

Does staring at a solid wall increase your heart rate, when compared to looking out at a garden through a window? In hospitals, can staff desks be eliminated because nurses are using iPads to update records, and can this space be allocated to create larger patient rooms? Could larger patient rooms yield higher income for the hospital? In residences, do you have bookshelves that hold books you never read (and if you did, it would be on your Nook), and do you have cabinets that hold video tapes you never watch (and if you did, it would be streaming or on Blu-Ray); and could the conversion to digital media allow you to use this existing space to create a useful, larger kitchen? Would having a larger kitchen increase the resale value of your home? Evidence Based Design is designing spaces based upon facts and data. While aspects of Evidence Based Design are always included in quality architecture, this service allows us to qualify, quantify, and prove how our designs will enhance your life.

Building Information Modeling

PAD is your local expert in Building Information Modeling (BIM), which involves virtually constructing your project and then extracting drawings. This method of design and documentation is far superior to traditional drawing. PAD also offers BIM implementation and consulting services for Owners, Architects, and Contractors.

Virtual Design & Construction

Virtual Design & Construction (VDC) includes virtually modeling the construction process. With VDC, you can see planned site staging and phasing, personnel parking, supply storage, etc., and prevent potential problems during the construction process. This service may be contracted by Owners or Contractors.

Parametric Modeling

As an industry leader in Building Information Modeling, we offer Parametric Modeling services of BIM components for your specific project, for manufacturers, and for other professionals. Parametric Modeling entails detailed 3D models that also appear correctly in 2D drawings, contain pertinent information, and may automatically adjust to specific conditions, based on algebraic equations.

3D Visualization

With a discerning eye, we offer outstanding still image Renderings, as well as Animations. 3D visualization is a fantastic tool to envision your project, and it may also be used to secure building loans, gain investors, or raise funds.

Integrated Project Delivery

Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) is a project delivery process in which we collaborate with consultants, the contractor, and other team members from the beginning of the design process; so to save you, the client, time and money in the design and construction process.

Healthy Building, Green Building, & Sustainability Consulting

We advise on how to achieve healthy and sustainable buildings, which positively impact your health and the environment. While we all know that new buildings no longer include asbestos or lead paint, did you know that most construction materials and furniture include formaldehyde, which can (at the least) aggravate allergies and create irritation? Did you know that NASA studies have shown that including specific oxygen producing plants inside a space can greatly improve indoor air quality, and improved air quality has been shown to improve your quality of sleep? We take all of this and more into account, while forming environments that enhance your health and improve your quality of life!

Space Planning, Facilities Planning, & Programming

Programming and Planning includes identifying the areas required for certain activities, and planning these spaces. In healthcare, how many patient rooms do you need? In an office building, how many tenant spaces do you need? In residential, how many bedrooms are necessary? We compile the spaces you need, the required square footage, and the unique characteristics required for the spaces.

Master Planning & Site Planning

Whether it is planning the development of a city block, a commercial complex, hospital campus, or a compilation of education facilities, we have the experience and know-how to create smart, efficient, and welcoming places.

Accessibility Consulting

As part of our commitment to improve your life through architecture, we not only design code-compliant buildings and adapt existing structures to new standards, we advise and plan for ease of use by all occupants- for use now and in the future. We perceive accessible design as not only our duty in designing for ease of use by users facing physical challenges, but as our responsibility in designing for aging, so that spaces are practical and comfortable throughout your life.

Feasibility Studies

How much will it cost to expand my home? Can the existing structure accommodate a new second level? How much money will we have to raise to expand our congregation? How many rentable spaces can we fit on this site? What if we combine plots? Feasibility Studies answer these questions, identifying what can be done on a given property.

Professional & Design Consulting

In addition to standard services, we offer consulting services. This includes architectural and interior design consulting for projects that have already begun, as well as consulting for non-architectural projects. Non-architectural projects include the design of Chuppahs, art installations, exhibits, and the formation of creative environments for special events.

The TV Treatment

Similar to a TV show, where you are the star, we create a digital video with highlighted documentation of the design & construction process. This unique service is ideal for telling the story of your project! We can deliver it directly to you, to watch, cherish, and play during your housewarming party; and we can also post it to YouTube, so you can share the experience and finished product with all of your friends, wherever they may be!

Scrapbook & Slide Show Creation

With digital & physical scrapbook options, as well as the ability to create a slideshow, you receive a visual chronicle of the design and construction process. Similar to the TV Treatment, the Scrapbook & Slideshow services offer a less expensive option for providing unique memorabilia for your personal pleasure and for you to easily share with your family and friends!